They look like an actual couple

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I don’t understand how all Muslims are called terrorists because of what one group of 19 extremist men did 13 years ago.

But white people aren’t called terrorists when they invaded their countries, killed millions of civilians, when they shoot up schools, shoot up movie theaters, and kill random POC. Isn’t that something.

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My family: Why don't you read much anymore? You used to devour books when you were younger.
Me: *closes laptop after reading 6th fanfic that day*
Me: Oh, you know... school, work.
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"We’ve been One Direction, drive safe…”

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I want support for ugly girls and lazy girls and girls that can’t ever get their eyeliner right. I want feminism that includes girls who are too big or too black to be on body positive blogs.

I want girls with acne scars and girls who don’t “pass” and girls with facial hair….

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"cant you just let that one character be straight?”


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when people say nice things about you


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Last year was a dark time for them and we got heartbreakingly beautiful songs about love and hiding it away. This year I am really looking forward to happier tunes like “La La La We Are Married”, “MIA Fun…

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"There’s no forgetting you. I’ll always remember how much I loved you. I’ll always remember how badly you broke my heart. There’s no forgetting."
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dont u dare treat ur animals like shit in front of me i will end ur life son

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